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Our Solace Counseling Team

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Russ Bailiff, M.S.S.W.

Russ has been providing counseling services to Individuals, couples, families, and children in the greater East Texas area since 1997. He has a passion for promoting healing and redemption as he journeys with each client to promote their greater wholeness and authenticity.

Specializing in family systems and human development, Russ is a Certified Dispute Resolution Family Mediator, Co-parenting Facilitator, and an EMDR trained provider. He specializes in: Depression, Anxiety, and Grief management, Human Sexuality, Life Mapping, Geriatrics, Men’s Issues, Marriage, Divorce, Adolescence, and Key Person Derailment Prevention.

Russ has been married for 34 years and is the father of 5 children and 6 grandchildren.

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