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Welcome to Solace. We're glad you are here.

Solace is a collaborative and dynamic group of professional counselors in Tyler, Texas,

who offer experience and care within a therapeutic environment. 

Services and Treatment Areas​

At Solace we specialize in a wide range of therapeutic issues.

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Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety can make us feel trapped. Let us help you find more effective ways to cope with stress caused by anxiety.

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Family Counseling

When the family system is healthy, it makes it easier for everyone to succeed in their own lives. We can help bring things back to balance.

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Children's Counseling

We offer Play Therapy by Registered Play Therapists to help children work through difficult times. We offer counseling from ages 3 and up.

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Marriage Counseling

Whether you are starting off, or working through difficult circumstances, we are here to help.

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Depression Counseling

Depression can be debilitating and keep us from community and connection with others. We are here to help you move through.

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We offer assessment for a variety of issues including ADHD, Personality, Employee Management, Marriage, Adoption Suitability, and Substance Use

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Teen Counseling

Growing up in today's world brings with it unique challenges. Let us help you build trust and grow with your teen.

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Grief and Trauma Counseling

Loss is devastating and can throw our world into chaos. We are here, EMDR trained, ready to help you walk through your loss and trauma . 

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We offer consultation services whether it be navigating workplace conflict, improving office communication, or enhancing management approaches

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