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Our Solace Counseling Team

Allison Cooper.jpg

Allison Cooper, M.A., LPC-S
Owner & Founder Partner

As a therapist at Solace, Allison enjoys working with adolescents and adults. Her areas of specialty include Anxiety Disorders, extreme fears, phobias, and OCD. Allison has completed training offered by the Beck Institute and International OCD Foundation in the areas of Anxiety and OCD. In addition, she is trained in EMDR therapy, which has been extensively researched as an integrative approach in many treatment areas. Allison makes every effort to provide her clients with evidence based therapeutic approaches along with empathy for their unique experience. Choosing to participate in therapy is an important step in finding support, perspective, and new ways to cope with difficult situations. Allison has been married to her husband, Kevin, for 16 years and has a teenage daughter and pre-teen son.

Allison's specialties include: Anxiety, Extreme Fears and Phobias, OCD, Depression, Grief, Trauma and PTSD, Mood Disorders, Adjustments and Transitions

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