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Our Solace Counseling Team


Millie Tanner, M.A., LPC-S
Owner & Founder Partner

Millie is a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as an LPC Supervisor.  She has been practicing for 16 years and values the therapeutic relationship as she helps clients move toward freedom and healing.  She is EMDR trained and treats adults in the areas of grief, depression, generalized anxiety and trauma.  She has experience in marriage counseling and affair recovery.  Millie is a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider and enjoys moving clients toward physical, emotional, and spiritual health.Millie has been married to her husband, Steve, for 26 years and has two sons in college.

Millie's specialties include: Trauma, EMDR, Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Marriage Enrichment, Affair Recovery, Adjustments and Transitions, Identity Issues, Boundaries, Family of Origin, Forgiveness, Spirituality.

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